Stazzjon Museum


Welcome to Stazzjon Bar & Kitchen.  In the past, Malta had its very own railway system across the island. Stazzjon was one of its main railway stations.  Across the years the heritage site encountered many damages, until one day a Maltese family took control and restored it to its full potential.  Today the heritage site is a family run Restaurant giving the possibility to its clients to dine and explore the authentic old railway station.  The museum consists of a re-designed section of a train, original restored building, original restored beams and canopy system and more.  

Stazzjon Bar and Kitchen offers a variety of dishes, with Menu updated regularly. An investment into a custom made wood burning Argentinian Grill put the restaurant on another level, serving exceptional food with unique taste.  The restaurant incorporates history, family, and passion for food.

Stazzjon Bar & Kitchen - Old Railway Station Museum